Technical guide

Impact Assessment methods

class bw2temporalis.dynamic_ia_methods.DynamicMethods(dirpath=None)

A dictionary for dynamic impact assessment method metadata. File data is saved in dynamic-methods.json.

class bw2temporalis.dynamic_ia_methods.DynamicIAMethod(name)

A dynamic impact assessment method. Not translated into matrices, so no process method.


Take method data that defines functions in strings, and turn them into actual Python code. Returns a dictionary with flows as keys and functions as values.


Dynamic CFs can’t be translated into a matrix, so this is a no-op.

to_worst_case_method(name, lower=None, upper=None)

Create a static LCA method using the worst case for each dynamic CF function.

Default time interval over which to test for maximum CF is 2000 to 2100.

Dynamic Life Cycle Assessment

class bw2temporalis.dynamic_lca.DynamicLCA(demand, worst_case_method, now=None, max_calc_number=10000.0, cutoff=0.001, log=False, gt_kwargs={})

Calculate a dynamic LCA, where processes, emissions, and CFs can vary throughout time.


class bw2temporalis.timeline.Timeline(data=None)

Sum and group elements over time.

Timeline calculations produce a list of [(datetime, amount)] tuples.

add(dt, flow, ds, amount)

Add a new flow from a dataset at a certain time.


Create a new Timeline for a particular activity.


Create a new Timeline for a particular flow.